Hays-Haine Families of Indiana


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1  CLEM, Ray (I221)
2 "In two volumes." Source (S54)
3 (Lt.) Nicholas Stillwell immigrated to America in 1638. He had a tobacco plantation at the hamlet of Hopton on Manhattan in the Dutch colony of New Netherlands. Hopton was on the east shore of Manhattan, nearly opposite Blackwell's Island, in a small indentation called "Deutel" by the Dutch and "Turtle Bay" by the English.

Nicholas and other Turtle Bay colonists temporarily abandoned this settlement in 1643 due to difficulties with the Indians and took refuge at Ft. Amsterdam. While at Ft. Amsterdam, they made the acquaintance of a group of English exiles who had left Massachusettes, Rhode Island and Connecticut to avoid religious persecution. This group included Lady Moody, her son Sir Henry Moody, Thomas Spicer, John Lake and others. These two groups joined and obtained permission from the Dutch government for a new settlement. A committee selected a site on Long Island from the unallocated lands of the Dutch West India Company. The new settlement was named Gravesend (Dutch, Graven-Zandi). Nicholas Stillwell seems to have had no use for Puritans and a decided preference for the Dutch. Because of differences between the two groups, it was decided to leave religious matters to the individual. Unusual in New England towns, no reservations were made for church purposes.

In 1644, Nicholas Stillwell left the new colony for a year and led a force from New Netherlands against the Indians of Virginia.

Toward the end of his life, in 1664, the Dutch colony of New Netherlands fell into English hands and was re-named New York. 
STILLWELL, Nicholas (I2311)
4 Added engraved t.p.|||A geneal. table of the Bolle family, in contemporary ms., along with a printed geneal. table of the Heath family, appended on [4] leaves at end. Source (S56)
5 Age: 34 RIETH, Maria Barbara (I266)
6 Age: 35 HANSON, Joseph Lee (I4029)
7 Age: 41 MUSSER, Mary Catherine (I153)
8 Age: 43 BREEDLOVE, Mary (I1653)
9 Age: 48 HUGHES, Hugh (I2925)
10 Age: 53 TANNER, Josiah (I2600)
11 Age: 57 HAINE, Carolann "Pat" (I454)
12 Age: 57 HAINE, Isaac (I3443)
13 Age: 58 TANNER, Matthew (I2026)
14 Age: 58 TANNER, Mary (I778)
15 Age: 59 FOX, James (I2688)
16 Age: 59 FOX, John H (I2692)
17 Age: 60 CLEM, Chloe M (I331)
18 Age: 64 HAINE, William Edward (I1351)
19 Age: 67 HAYS, Charles Lewis (I845)
20 Age: 69 DODDS, Mary Ann (I2557)
21 Age: 70 DECKARD, Hezekiah (I2564)
22 Age: 72 DECKARD, Martin (I4022)
23 Age: 73 MOBERLY, Elizabeth Jane (I2645)
24 Age: 73 STEWART, Gracie May (Grace) (I1313)
25 Age: 75 CLEM, James M (I213)
26 Age: 75 HAYS, Loyd Chester (I2758)
27 Age: 75 FOX, Alberta May (I3508)
28 Age: 77 BROWN, Mary (I2691)
29 Age: 78 CLENDENING, Myra Jane (I3839)
30 Age: 78 ALLEN, Ann (I871)
31 Age: 78 HANSON, Charles "Polk" (I1314)
32 Age: 78 DECKARD, Matilda (Tillie) E (I3935)
33 Age: 79 CLARK (CROOKS), Jane (I2560)
34 Age: 80 FRAMPTON, Isaac K (I3872)
35 Age: 80 Yr, Age: 80 STEWART, Joseph Stillson (I2545)
36 Age: 82 CONN, Alexander (I2559)
37 Age: 85 PENNINGTON, Barsheba Ann (I858)
38 Age: 85 NORMAN, Mary 'Polly' (I2669)
39 Age: 85 CLEM, Ray (I221)
40 Age: 86 CONN, Robert (I729)
41 Age: 88 MUSSER, George (I815)
42 Age: 89 HARTMAN, Sampson (I1501)
43 Age: 91 SHEAR, Mary (I3852)
44 Age: 92 EMERICH, John Adam (I2610)
45 Age: 92 HAYSE, John Henry (I3936)
46 Age: 95 TRACY, Isabel (Belle) (I216)
47 Age: 95 WOOTEN, Martha (I3890)
48 All of Woolf Koppenhöfer's children were born in Rüblingen, Germany prior to 1732 when he immigrated to the United States. His son Johann Thomas had immigrated aboard ye James Goodwill, David Crockatt, Commander, which arrived in the Port of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 11 Sep 1728. Thomas took the Oath of Allegiance that day. Prior to 1743, the Koppenhöfer family attended Reed's Church along with the Emerick family. The Emerick family eventually immigrated westward to Ohio, where Catharine Emerick married on Jacob Haine. The Koppenhöfers migrated south into south-western Virginia, then into Kentucky and eventually to Monroe Co., IN. The point being the the preparer and his wife are descended, one from each line, respectively. KOPPENHÖFER, Hanns Wolfgang (I3497)
49 Anthony and Katherine had two daughters but the names are unknown. BLENNERHASSET, Katherine (I964)
50 Archdeacon of Nottingham. See his reminiscences written in 1579, published in volume 7 of the Camden Society. LOUTHE, John (I2296)

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