Hays-Haine Families of Indiana

Indiana, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HARTMAN, Delilah  1835Indiana, USA I1139
2 HARTMAN, Magdalena "Lana"  1838Indiana, USA I1132
3 HARTMAN, William H  1842Indiana, USA I1131
4 HARTMAN, Francis Marion  24 Sep 1844Indiana, USA I1128
5 CUNLIFFE, Charles  28 Jan 1846Indiana, USA I2107
6 BAKER, Mary H "Mollie"  23 Mar 1855Indiana, USA I5380
7 STEWART, Daniel Washington  Abt 1864Indiana, USA I3837
8 STEWART, Flora Jane  30 Nov 1865Indiana, USA I3838
9 LOCHNER, Anna Edith  08 Mar 1867Indiana, USA I1325
10 THRESHER, Emma Ethel  Sep 1873Indiana, USA I1967
11 FOX, Charlie  1875Indiana, USA I5399
12 FOX, Anna Pearl  27 Sep 1877Indiana, USA I5392
13 FOX, Thomas J  11 Sep 1879Indiana, USA I5385
14 FOX, Ida  Mar 1882Indiana, USA I5407
15 FOX, Ida  Mar 1882Indiana, USA I5398
16 FOX, Ida  Mar 1882Indiana, USA I5400
17 FOX, Ida C  Mar 1882Indiana, USA I5415
18 ELLIS, Lewis  10 Jan 1883Indiana, USA I3338
19 BRODERICK, Richard Daniel  17 Jun 1883Indiana, USA I758
20 CLARK, Vannie G  03 Feb 1892Indiana, USA I5051
21 FOX, Marshall Robert  26 Aug 1895Indiana, USA I5416
22 HAINEY, Maudelyne  Jan 1900Indiana, USA I5414
23 THOMPSON, Mary E  1907Indiana, USA I2726
24 FON, Frank  21 Jul 1910Indiana, USA I1253
25 BURGESS, Howard Chester  Abt 1915Indiana, USA I3740


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 HARTMAN, David A  12 Sep 1840Indiana, USA I5286
2 STEWART, Daniel Washington  01 Apr 1902Indiana, USA I3837
3 HARTMAN, Henry  1905Indiana, USA I5359
4 HARTMAN, Thomas D  17 Mar 1910Indiana, USA I894
5 KENDALL, Hannah Elizabeth  04 Aug 1913Indiana, USA I5283
6 CLAGHORN, John Ahaz II  24 Oct 1918Indiana, USA I5230
7 FOX, John R  30 Jun 1935Indiana, USA I1895
8 DECKARD, Elvira Frances  1953Indiana, USA I5389
9 CLARK, Vannie G  14 Feb 1983Indiana, USA I5051


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FOX / BAKER  25 Dec 1872Indiana, USA F1785
2 DECKARD / SOWDERS  1875Indiana, USA F1280