Hays-Haine Families of Indiana

Indiana, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Nancy  Indiana, United States I547
2 BATEY, James Arthur  28 Aug 1891Indiana, United States I2329
3 BATEY, Morris Omar  28 Nov 1885Indiana, United States I3292
4 BATY, Cora Irene  05 Sep 1907Indiana, United States I2320
5 BATY, Nora Paulene  05 Sep 1907Indiana, United States I4276
6 BEATY BEATTY, Neva M  04 Feb 1890Indiana, United States I3236
7 BRIDGMONT, Nancy  1815Indiana, United States I2793
8 CHAMBERS, Mae  1858Indiana, United States I2745
9 CLEM, Anna  1862Indiana, United States I516
10 CLEM, George Evert  01 Mar 1873Indiana, United States I4282
11 CLEM, Harriet J  24 Apr 1854Indiana, United States I2059
12 CLEM, Laura  1869Indiana, United States I2481
13 CLEM, Margaret S "Maggie"  1850Indiana, United States I1414
14 CLEM, William R  1861Indiana, United States I4283
15 CUNLIFFE, Elizabeth  1856Indiana, United States I249
16 CUNLIFFE, Ella Thomas  15 Sep 1850Indiana, United States I2850
17 CUNLIFFE, Esther  04 Jul 1848Indiana, United States I1949
18 CUNLIFFE, George  1858Indiana, United States I250
19 CUNLIFFE, Richard Maxwell  07 Jan 1844Indiana, United States I2841
20 CUNLIFFE, William  18 Dec 1841Indiana, United States I1887
21 DECKARD, Mary J  1844Indiana, United States I2289
22 ELLIS, David E  1849Indiana, United States I3342
23 ELLIS, Milard F  1858Indiana, United States I3340
24 ELLIS, Russell Eugene  03 Mar 1931Indiana, United States I3229
25 FOX, Alma  Jul 1879Indiana, United States I3445
26 FOX, George T  1875Indiana, United States I789
27 FOX, Sarah J  1846Indiana, United States I279
28 HARTMAN, David  27 Feb 1831Indiana, United States I5365
29 HOPKINS, Zoe Aileen  18 Aug 1870Indiana, United States I3281
30 KENDALL, Aaron  1830Indiana, United States I5304
31 KENDALL, Fredrick W  1853Indiana, United States I5364
32 KENDALL, James B  Jun 1841Indiana, United States I5351
33 KENDALL, Jefferson A  Jan 1856Indiana, United States I5302
34 KENDALL, John  1848Indiana, United States I5292
35 KENDALL, Lavina J  1851Indiana, United States I5354
36 KENDALL, Mary R  1845Indiana, United States I5340
37 MATHEWS, Minerva  1876Indiana, United States I700
38 MATHEWS, Samuel  Dec 1879Indiana, United States I4104
39 MOSS, Alice  Jan 1870Indiana, United States I5390
40 STEWART, David  10 Feb 1823Indiana, United States I718
41 STEWART, Elizabeth 'Lizy'  03 Sep 1842Indiana, United States I2546
42 STEWART, Emimila 'Em'  13 Jul 1853Indiana, United States I2539
43 STEWART, George  1864Indiana, United States I5439
44 STEWART, Levi  1822Indiana, United States I3295
45 STEWART, Mary Catherine 'Caddie'  07 Nov 1872Indiana, United States I3833
46 TANNER, James  1832Indiana, United States I3687
47 THOMPSON, Gertrude  1902Indiana, United States I3280
48 THOMPSON, William Andrew  Jan 1862Indiana, United States I3282
49 THROCKMORTON, Harry Oliver  24 Oct 1895Indiana, United States I5418
50 THROCKMORTON, Herschel C  23 May 1891Indiana, United States I5413

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEATTY, Martha Estelle  18 Feb 1968Indiana, United States I422
2 FOX, George M  1910Indiana, United States I1398
3 OGDEN, Leah  1870Indiana, United States I4008
4 PARNELL, William H  Bef 11 Nov 1879Indiana, United States I4154
5 SHEPHERD, James Madison  28 Jan 1864Indiana, United States I5489
6 STEWART, Mary Ann  1917Indiana, United States I716
7 STEWART, Mary Catherine 'Caddie'  02 May 1952Indiana, United States I3833
8 TANNER, Nancy  Indiana, United States I2341


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 KENDALL, Fredrick W  1853Indiana, United States I5364
2 KENDALL, John  1848Indiana, United States I5292
3 KENDALL, Lavina J  1851Indiana, United States I5354
4 KENDALL, Mary R  1845Indiana, United States I5340


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 FOX, George M  1906Indiana, United States I1398
2 FOX, George M  1906Indiana, United States I1398


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / BROWN  Indiana, United States F1565
2 ELLIS / BEATTY  1907Indiana, United States F1327
3 FOX / BROWN  Indiana, United States F840