Hays-Haine Families of Indiana

Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BURGESS, Judy   I4937
2 HAINE, Clyde Harvey Jr.  01 Apr 1921Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I1347
3 HAINE, Nancy Jo   I2757
4 HAINE, Sue Ellen   I2756
5 HENDRIX, Ellen H   I5031
6 PACE, Julian DeVoe II   I4596


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CLEM, Ray  01 Jul 1975Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I221


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BRODERICK, Catherine J   I30
2 BRODERICK, Helen  1935Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I583
3 BRODERICK, Joseph Lawrence  1935Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I751
4 BRODERICK, Mary A   I29
5 BRODERICK, Richard Daniel  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I758
6 BRODERICK, Richard Daniel  Between 1917 and 1918Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I758
7 BRODERICK, Richard H  1935Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I582
8 BRODERICK, Wilda   I3671
9 CLEM, Dorothy Ray  1930Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I909
10 CLEM, Ray  1917Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I221
11 CLEM, Ray  1930Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I221
12 DAVIS, Elva  1930Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I754
13 DAVIS, Elva  1935Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I754
14 ELLIS, Edna Pauline  1935Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I2900
15 FON, Barbara Joan  1935Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I2489
16 GLENN, Prudence D  1935Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I2017
17 GRUNEISEN, Emil Allen  Between 1917 and 1918Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I5040
18 HAINE, Barbara   I3063
19 HAINE, Carolann "Pat"  1930Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I454
20 HAINE, Carolann "Pat"  1935Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I454
21 HAINE, Charles Warren  1930Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I2015
22 HAINE, Charles Warren  1930Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I2015
23 HAINE, Charles Warren  1935Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I2015
24 HAINE, Clyde Harvey  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I1353
25 HAINE, David   I2922
26 HAINE, Harold Leslie  1930Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I908
27 HAINE, Hazel Martha  1935Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I757
28 HAINE, Joseph Raney  1930Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I2013
29 HAINE, Joseph Raney  1935Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I2013
30 HAINE, Paul Zachariah  1935Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I3869
31 HAINE, Rosalynn Joyce  1930Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I2586
32 HAINE, Rosalynn Joyce  1935Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I2586
33 HAINE, Rosemary   I453
34 HAINE, Rosemary   I453
35 HAINE, Wilda Elizabeth  1930Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I2585
36 HAINE, William Edward  1930Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I1351
37 HAINE, William McKinley  1917Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I753
38 HAINE, William McKinley  1930Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I753
39 HAINE, William McKinley  1930Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I753
40 HAINE, William McKinley  1935Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I753
41 HAINEY, Maudelyne  1935Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I5414
42 HAMILTON, Virginia Mae  1935Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I4683
43 HAMILTON, Virginia Mae  1935Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I4712
44 HENDRIX, William Wallace  Between 1917 and 1918Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I4576
45 HERSCHELL, David Duncan  Between 1917 and 1918Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I4490
46 HERSCHELL, Isabelle S B  1935Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I2014
47 HERSHEL, Devina  1935Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I3870
48 LITZ, Sarah Alice  1935Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I5391
49 MCCUEN, Birdie Darling  1930Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I218
50 MCCUEN, Birdie Darling  1930Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana I218

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BROADERICK / BAUMANN  19 Nov 1912Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana F1675
2 GAFFIGAN / BRODERICK  06 Oct 1915Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana F1020
3 HAINE / PAYNE  Abt 1930Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana F632